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Beginners Overview of breakfast at Bojangles

Bojangles has set its mark in the fast food industry and specially their fried chicken has a unique flavour that differentiates from the rest of the fast foods that offer fried chicken such as KFC and Popoyes. The sweet flavour and the softer bread crumb with own flavour which is loved by many. Bojangles Breakfast Menu also stands out amongst other breakfast restaurants with its exclusive breakfast menu that offers American trademark cuisine such as smoked sausage, gravy, egg biscuit and all types of breakfast foods you can imagine. Bojangles huge selection of breakfast includes Biscuits, Meals, bowls, family meals, sandwiches, combos and their famous chicken pieces. You can get Bojangles Chicken pieces either bone in or boneless.

Bojangles Fried Chicken

Bojangles fried chicken is crispier than fried chicken you usually would find in other Fast food restaurants such as KFC and Popeyes but It is usually less crunchy. Depending on a person’s taste many prefer the crispier version of chicken that Bojangles has to offer. Consumers also like the fact that Bojangles Chicken is not as spicy. It is said that It has just the right amount of spice that gives it a more balanced taste. Another great thing about Bojangles fried chicken is that it comes with their famous biscuits which are made to taste buttery and tender from the inside while being crispy on the outside. For those who like Bojangles Fried chicken have plenty of choices as there are many price options. These are called Boxes; starting from the 6 piece 4 biscuit Box to 12 Piece 10 biscuit box. There are also Box options with an addition of chicken tenders so the choices are unlimited.

What people like most about Bojangles is their famous and legendary biscuits. You have plenty of choices here as well. You can choose from having Egg on your biscuit or you may choose to get Ham, Bacon or perhaps bacon and egg. Many people wake up early to get a taste of Bojangles breakfast specially for their biscuit options that come with a huge variety of food choices.

Bojangles Breakfast Hours

Bojangles Breakfast starts early in the day and is perfect for early risers. Starting at 5:30 am gives consumers the luxury to grab a bite before their early hour appointments. Furthermore, Bojangles Breakfast Hours lasts long giving consumers the opportunity to not miss out on their favourite breakfast. Fortunately, is available for those that wake up late or have unusual work schedules. So What time Does Bojangles Stop Serving Breakfast ? The breakfast hours end at 10 am. This is when they start their Lunch menu so even if you miss their amazing breakfast, there is the delicious lunch menu to forward to for the the remaining of the day. However, the demand for Bojangles does not end even after breakfast as they have some spectacular Lunch items that consumers love to devour. For those that are have an appetite go go for their “Fixin’s.

Bojangles Fixin’s

Forgot to cook or perhaps feeling to tired to fix food. You can purchase Bojangles Fixin’s from the huge selection of menu. This is usually ample to feed an entire family or group of 4 to 6 people. This comes with gravy, mash potato, green beans, coleslaw and Macaroni and cheese. This will be quiet fulfilling for anyone ready for a big meal. The variety is also what makes the Fixin’s so much more special. Now once you have picked a few sides that I mentioned above you can the amount of chicken pieces that you desire depending on the number of people in your family. It is hard to resist a good Fixin’s dinner when the craving consumers return back to get their favourite fast food.